‘Friends of Justice’ helping with injustice in Jena, Louisiana

I was contacted by Lydia Bean, who is part of the grassroots organization Friends of Justice that has helped bring light to the case in Jena, Louisiana.  Friends of Justice was formed in response to the 1999 Tulia, Texas  drug sting; where 47 people including 39 African-Americans were arrested based on the false testimony of an undercover agent.

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The group is now working for justice on behalf of The Jena Six, six Jena High School students charged with attempted second-degree murder in a December fight at the school.  (The trial of three of the men was continued until June 25).

Friends of Justice would appreciate any donations that will help with local organizing efforts in Jena. Visit the Friends of Justice website for more infomation.

Donations can be made via Pay Pal here.

Donations can also be mailed here:
*Friends of Justice
507 N. Donley Ave.
Tulia TX 79088

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