Min. Louis Farrakhan visits Father Michael Pfleger and St. Sabina

farr and pfle.jpgLast week the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at The Faith Community of St. Sabina, which is pastored by Father Michael Pfleger. The May 25 speech was Min. Farrakhan’s first time speaking publicly since Mother’s Day.

See Chicago Sun-Times coverage here.

See CBS 2 Chicago coverage with video here .

This was great to see because it brought together two  people who I admire greatly. Minister Farrakhan who was on his death bed from cancer last year, reportedly spoke for an hour at St. Sabina and in a powerful way. Pfleger spent many hours with Min. Farrakhan during his illness.

Father Pfleger and Min. Farrakhan have shared an long friendship as they both have labored to uplift the African-American community in Chicago and throughout the country. Anyone who actually listens to the Minister as opposed to relying on sound bites knows that if his heart has any hatred, it’s a hatred of evil and injustice. The Muslim minister and Catholic priest know that what matters most is doing God’s work, especially for the least of these, my brethren.

See Dallas South coverage of Father Pleger’s Dallas visit here .

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