Southern Haliburton University – Article on George W. Bush Library

rove.jpgRev. Andrew J. Weaver, Ph.D. has a very provocative article at a website called Media Transparency .  In his article, Dr. Weaver speaks of Karl Rove's plans to construct a "neoconservative institute" on the campus of SMU.

Click here to see Dr. Weaver's article titled Southern Haliburton University.  Here's a quote from the article:

Convincing the United Methodist Church to stain its good name and a major university to give away its academic respectability by linking itself with a president that much of the world views as an authoritarian bully who has authorized and advocated for torture and international kidnapping is one nifty trick.

This is an extremely good read. 

Also, check out the Protect SMU Petition at . It offers ways for those against the construction of the Bush library and think tank to sign a petition online that will be presented to the SMU Administration, the SMU Board of Trustees, and the Trustees of The United Methodist Church.   

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