Bishop T.D. Jakes Says Rev. Franklin Graham Should Apologize to President Obama for Questioning his Faith

The Wire (TV ONE)


tdjakesphotoRoland Martin: Rev. Franklin Graham has made some comments on several occasions as recently as three weeks ago really questioning, if you will, the faith of the President. He said the President has told him he’s a Christian, but he basically said that going to church does not make you a Christian. But the President is on record as saying that he walked down that aisle, he gave his life to Christ, so what do you say to folks like Rev. Graham who, frankly, are muddying the water but other people who are questioning the Christianity of this President?

Bishop T.D. Jakes: I find it insulting. We didn’t question the Christianity of President Bush when he said he accepted Christ, and I’m disappointed in Rev. Franklin Graham in that regard. I wish he had the diplomacy of his father, who brought the gospel to people without being nuanced by politics because when you do those things you offend people that you are actually called to save and to serve. And I would hope that he would see the rationale in apologizing for such statements – because if the President’s faith is suspect then all of our faiths are suspect, because the Bible is quite clear about what it takes to be saved and the President has been quite open about his accepting Christ and him openly confessing it before men. And if it’s good enough for the Bible it ought to be good enough for the rest of us.

Martin: I certainly agree with you on that.

Wiley College to celebrate Religious Emphasis Week February 7-11 With Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.

From The Wire

Wiley College will celebrate Religious Emphasis Week February 7-11, 2011, with a slate of community worship services and activities that will be led by three prominent clergypersons, Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Reverend Otis Moss, III, and Minister Vanessa Winbush Gatlin. Each speaker’s presentation will be inspired by the week’s scripture-focused theme, “The Cross- The Power and Purpose Behind our Praise and Worship.” This theme is based on the scripture 1 Corinthians 1:18, “The teaching about the cross seems foolish to those who are lost. But to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” All events will take place in the Julius S. Scott, Jr. Chapel unless otherwise noted.

Religious Emphasis Week will open Monday night at 6:30 p.m. with a sermon by The Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., who is often called one of America’s most influential religious leaders. Theologian, pastor, and civic leader, Dr. Moss is also one of America’s most sought-after public speakers.
Dr. Moss earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College in 1956, his Masters of Divinity degree from the Morehouse School of Religion and Interdenominational Theological Center in 1959, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Moss is Pastor Emeritus of Mt. Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, where he formerly served as pastor for 33 years. Prior to his tenure of service at Mt. Olivet, He served as pastor for churches in Georgia and Ohio before serving as co-pastor with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Moss’s ministry can be characterized by one thematic focus – hope, possibilities, and “giving God your best.” He has delivered sermons at numerous institutions of higher education, including Harvard Divinity School, Vanderbilt University, and Meharry Medical College.

Dr. Moss’s formidable intellectual presence and superlative sermons and writings have garnered world-wide attention and honors. He has served as a consultant to President Jimmy Carter at Camp David, and most recently provided the opening prayer for the 56th Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service for the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. He has had facilities named in his honor, one of which is the Otis Moss, Jr. University Hospitals Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.


Wiley College to celebrate Religious Emphasis Week
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The Reverend Otis Moss, III will speak Tuesday morning in the College’s chapel at 11 a.m. He and his father, Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., will deliver a “tag-team” sermon during the Tuesday morning worship service.

Reverend Moss was cited in Newsweek magazine as one of “God’s Foot Soldiers” committed to transforming the lives of youth. He serves as Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to joining the pastoral staff at Trinity United Church of Christ, Rev. Moss served as pastor of the historic Tabernacle Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia. After his arrival, the Tabernacle was its membership increase from 125 to over 2,100 members.

Rev. Moss received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy from Morehouse College. He went on to Yale University where he earned a master of Divinity degree with a concentration in Ethics and Theology. While at Yale, he was awarded the Fund for the Theological Education Benjamin Elijah Mays Scholarship in Religion, and the Yale University Magee Fellowship. Rev. Moss is recorded as one of the few African-Americans to ever receive this award in the school’s history.

Rev. Moss has been Adjunct Professor of Voorhees College, and a guest lecturer for Harvard University, Yale University, Dillard University, and Morehouse College. His passion for youth and intergenerational ministry led him to create the Issachar Movement, a consulting group designed to bridge the generation gap within churches and train a new generation of prophetic church leadership. His love for God and young people has led him to speak and preach in churches, seminaries, and colleges across the globe.

Minister Vanessa Winbush Gatlin will lead “Conversations Around the Cross” on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, at 6:30 p.m., in the Pemberton Mini-Auditorium, and she will deliver the sermon for the Thursday morning worship service at 11 a.m., in the College’s chapel. Minister Winbush is the Director of Women’s Ministries at Unity Church of God in Christ, in Eunice, Louisiana. She is the First Lady of Unity Church of God in Christ and she also serves as the First Lady for Unity Church of God in Christ in Crowley, Louisiana. She is the director of Victorious Women of God Ministries based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Minister Gatlin is described as having an intensity in prayer that commands the blessings and the presence of the Lord. She possesses an uncanny boldness to powerfully declare the unadulterated Word of God.

All of the Religious Emphasis Week events are open to the public. Wiley College extends a special invitation to all local clergy to attend. For more information about any of these events, please contact the Office of the Chaplain at (903) 923-2455 or the Office of Public Relations at (903) 927-3384.

DSN Post of the Day: Church Dress Code Should be Guide Not a Deterrent

By Keshia Dawn – Dallas South News Intern

The admission is free. There are no bouncers at the door and there’s plenty of room for those who want in. Hats are welcome (especially crowns sitting atop saintly heads) and three piece suits often lead the entrance through double doors.

But what about those wearing sneakers? How about jeans?

Dress codes are “strictly enforced” on the club scente, but what about at church? The old mantra, ‘come as you are’ is music to the ears of those who seek a change. So they go to the Lord’s house: some in jeans, some in sundresses, and maybe even in shorts. For those lost and trying to find their way in life, an inviting and safe place to worship can bring ease in the midst of transition.

Being accepted by a welcoming church family can make the new lifestyle easier for the weary and confused. But as the newcomer settles into membership, the same clothing worn before their change often become a source of ridicule that ostracizes them. Head shaking, stares, and whispers let the offending party know that something is amiss.

Who is to say exactly what should be worn behind chapel doors? In a society where fashion plays a major role, some of the closed mind rituals held by the “elders of the church” may frighten seekers away.

Drugs, excess drinking, sexual promiscuity, and depression, are just a few issues people in general are dealing with today. What they are wearing is the least of their worries. But the the real culprits -those doing the ostracizing- seem to differ.

beaded-matte-jersey-halter-dress1A true desire to know the word should be enough to seek the Lord and all the help He brings. Not the correctly hemmed dress or the shiniest of church footwear. Some places of worship still hold on to man made rules that they treat as if they were “The Law.”

A thesaurus filled vocabulary, snag-free Berkshire pantyhose and Brooks Brothers suit (complementing the latest St. John knit) if not careful, could become mascots for the church. Granted, sagging pants which show boxers and blouses which give the eyes more than what they need to see should not be accepted. None-the-less, the person wearing the garments should be handled with care.

There is a proper way to handle dress codes in which churches have set in place. Maybe if older men and women would take the younger babes in Christ under their wing and help guide them in the right direction, a better outcome would suffice.

It’s not about the name brand of the clothes or the churchiest of church wear. Rather, it’s about being presentable and respectful in a place of worship. If jeans are worn, it doesn’t mean you are way down on your maker’s list. If a woman wears pants, it doesn’t mean she does not have a connection with God.

If we as spiritual Christians open our eyes to the person God is speaking to and through, instead of the outer man, just maybe the church would be a place to run to instead of from. When the need comes to talk about problems does arise, the church should be a shelter and safe haven. And the doors should be open to all.

Keshia Dawn is a student at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and author of the novel His Grace, His Mercy. She can be reached at

Edited by Shawn Williams is a nonprofit news organization based that focuses on news in Southern Dallas.

Blogging While Brown Conference starts Friday in Chicago, attendees announced

The 2nd Blogging While Brown Conference gets underway on Friday at Chicago’s University Center with a Beginning Bloggers Boot Camp. Conference organizer Gina McCauley afforded me the opportunity to serve as programming chair for the conference, and I’m excited about the group of panelists and presenters that we were able to pull together. Here’ the schedule:

June 20, 2009 – Blogging While Brown Conference

8:00AM. – 8:30AM



Introductory remarks


Workshop: “The Competent Blogger”

This workshop will cover tapping into talent communities using web 2.0 tools and techniques to find lucrative and rewarding career opportunities. This is a must attend workshop for anyone interested in building an online presence or pursuing a long-term career in IT.

This presentation will address all aspects of careers In IT and the core competencies necessary to build and sustain a vibrant, fulfilling and prosperous career powered by the web 2.0 social networking phenomenon. The workshop includes , research results from the 2009 IT Job Outlook Readers Poll, skill sets that are hot in the current job market, and how to use social networking to “get discovered” for the hot job opportunities How to build a successful online business in the IT Industry

Presenter: Milt Hayes


Workshop: Mobility

Sponsored by AT&T

The Mobility Workshop is constructed to challenge third party groups to think about integrating wireless into their grassroots and advocacy activities as well as demonstrate AT&T’s leading positions in the areas of child safety (Smart Limits) and wireless technology (i.e. video share, 3G, etc.). The workshop includes an explanation of non-voice communications channels on wireless handsets, including SMS, WAP/Wireless Internet, Photo/Video Share, Video/3G, and Smart Limits and a hands-on demo of the service. Participants will walk through Web and SMS sign-up, SMS messaging and SMS mobilization. The training includes case studies from 08 election cycle.


Panel — Netroots in Action

Panelists will discuss how social media tools can be used to affect changes in policy, improve communities, and influence elections.

Moderator: Carmen Dixon Rosenzweig,

Panelists: Megan Tady,

Pam Spaulding,

Cheryl Contee,



Brand Camp University:Building a Strong Personal Brand Online

The goal of this workshop is to teach attendees to develop a digitally relevant personal brand in a web 2.0 world using social media. Identify tools and strategies to create, define, and manage who you are distinctly to help you define your space. Build and manage the character of you online brand and community organically, authentically, and cost effectively with the top personal branding tips. Outline: Participants will learn: Basics of Personal Branding, Defining your Value Proposition, o Social Networking strategies for personal branding, Networking tips online and offline for career success, Organically building your community, Online reputation management, Create brand plan, Use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter for business and career development.

Presenter: Hajj Flemmings,,


Panel: The State of the Information Monarchy- What’s Next for Traditional Media?

Panelists will discuss whether bloggers and citizen journalists can fill the void left by changes in traditional media.

Moderator: Monroe Anderson,

Panelists: Eric Easter,

Bruce Montgomery


Panel: Bloggerpreneurs

Panelists will discuss making a name for yourself in the world of social media and networking your way to better opportunities and personal success.

Moderator: Jonnice Slaughter,

Panelists: Angel Laws,

Fredric Mitchell


Closing Remarks

And here is a list of confirmed conference attendees:

* A Buzz in Your Ear
* Acts of Faith in Love and Life
* Afrobella
* All About Race
* Around Harlem
* Around NYC
* Awesomely Luvvie
* Beckie Has a Blog
* Beyond-isms
* Black Gyrl Cancer Slayer
* Black PR
* Blacks Gone Geek
* Blank Bare Clean
* Blog Not War
* blogHer
* Bronzeville Change
* Brother Bartell
* Brown and Bridal
* But You’re A Girl
* Carlos in DC
* Change You Can See
* Chartreuse
* Concrete Loop
* Consumer Blast
* Cyber PR Urban
* D Jones Productions
* Dallas South Blog
* Dante Lee
* Dragon Fly
* Ebony Jet
* Flack Me
* Fresh Manna of the Day
* Global Wire
* Global Wire
* Goddess Intellect
* Hajj Flemings
* Harmonic Leadership
* Haute Muslim
* Have a Wonderful
* I Hate My Developer
* IT Empowers U
* Jack and Jill Politics
* Jamal Street Journal
* Which Awakens Me
* Listen to Leon
* Live Life Posh
* Locs and Dreams
* Love a Black Woman
* Marty Blogs
* Megans Minute
* Miss Theda
* Mocha Mom 365
* Monroe Anderson
* Naomi Christine
* Pams House Blend
* Peruanista
* Philena
* Photo Solitude
* Pocket Book Protest
* Project New Era
* Queen Tahj
* Save the Internet
* See Your Worth
* Small World View
* Social Media Socialite
* South Shore Chamber
* The Joba Group
* The Smak
* The Super Spade
* Theo Talks
* Urban Beauty
* Urban Science
* We Are Black Women
* Woman Body and Soul
* YBP Guide

The House of Hope Recognizes 2009 Graduates

$20,000 Scholarship Recipient Honored

The House of Hope Church is celebrating all graduates! On Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 10 a.m., we will host Graduates Recognition Day on our campus at 1420 High Pointe Lane in Cedar Hill, Texas.

This event will honor every graduate with a particular focus on those graduating from Cedar Hill High School.

Special recognition also will be given to the newest recipient of the Cedar Hill High School/The House of Hope Church Georgetown College Scholarship. Kevonna Webb, has been awarded a $20,000 annual scholarship, which she will receive for four years, totaling $80,000.

This is the second year of the unique partnership between The House of Hope and Georgetown College. The total amount of scholarships awarded is over $200,000. Georgetown College is a private liberal arts college in Georgetown, Kentucky which has the distinction of being a part of Oxford University in Oxford, England. Students attending Georgetown have the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford during their junior year.

The partnership with Georgetown College is one of the community efforts by THOH to offer hope for a quality higher education to academically talented and economically challenged students.

We launched THOH two years ago in Cedar Hill in the Cinemark Movie Theatre and our goal is to offer hope for living in the Best Southwest Region. We recently moved into our new campus at 1420 High Pointe Lane, where we intend to continue serving our community.

THOH offers programs for children, youth and adults. We recently completed a spring class through the renowned Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and just launched a special 13-week summer study through the same life-changing FPU course. Providing FPU at a subsidized rate enables us to offer hope for financial freedom during stressful economic times.

Our worship service is weekly at 10 a.m. on Sundays, with a special offering for children ages one through six years old during the same time. A Summer Hip-Hop Bible Study begins June 15, 2009 for students entering grades 7-12 this fall.

For more information about all THOH events and programs, please call 214. 417.0414. – Inspiring Bible Characters:Paul and Silas


Inspiring Bible Characters
Paul and Silas

In this week’s study of inspiring bible characters, we look at Paul and Silas. As you probably already know, Paul was a champion in the ministry of Jesus Christ. He and Silas are trying to do the work of the Lord and they find themselves in a bad predicament because they have sought to do something that is good. In their story, we see how the Lord is able to sustain us during the difficulty we experience in life.

Read this weeks entire lesson at

Paul and Silas on a Mission

Acts 16: 9-12

  • Paul is convinced through a vision that the Macedonians need help. Paul, feeling as though the Lord had called him to preach to them, leaves for Macedonia immediately.
  • Paul has a vision that the Macedonians need help. Instead of money, food, water, supplies or protection from an enemy, Paul assumes that the help they need is to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Life Lesson: Sometimes, the best help you can offer to someone in need is to give them the Word of God. The Word of God will nourish a person for a lifetime.

Paul and Silas meet Lydia

Acts 16: 13-15

  • Lydia was worshipping God. Her heart was opened to God and then after understanding the Word, she and her household were baptized.
  • As Christians, we can have an amazing influence in our households. Like Lydia, if we open our hearts to God and earnestly seek Him, we could possibly convince members of our household to improve their relationship with Christ as well.
  • I know it is frustrating when there is a family member or loved one who is living their life without the Lord, we must continually work on ourselves and hope that the light they see in us will cause them to rethink their commitment to Christ.

Paul and Silas in Prison

Acts 16: 16-24

  • Paul and Silas were humiliated, beaten and thrown into prison because they sought to do the right thing. Paul commanded the evil spirit to come out of the girl. The spirit fled and thus the girl’s slave masters were without the opportunity to continue to make money off of her.
  • Question for Thought: Have you ever been punished, ridiculed or mistreated because you tried to do the right thing?
  • Life Lesson: In life, there may be times when bad things happen to you

Paul and Silas Inspire Us To…

  • Be obedient to the call of the Lord and minister to those in need
  • Offer the Word of God as the best way to deal with the trouble that life brings
  • Not give up on family members and loved ones who don’t have God in their lives. Continue to be an example to them and you might find that they will get closer to God too
  • Accept that bad things sometimes do happen when you are trying to do good
  • Worship God genuinely and sincerely even during the toughest times in our lives
  • Realize that God is willing and able to deliver us from the storms of our lives
  • Understand the power that we have, through God, to positively influence another person’s walk with the Lord
  • See how praising God in the midst of our difficulty is extremely powerful in helping us to feel better and ultimately, in helping us to overcome our situations

CNN to re-air Eyewitness to Murder: The King Assassination & Listen to Dallas South’s Interview of Soledad O’Brien from last year


Last year for the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, CNN’s launched their documentary series Black in America as reported by anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien. CNN will re-air on April 4th and 5th at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm ET and PT.

Listen to my very roughly executed interview of Soledad from last year by clicking below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

In the documentary, O’Brien described how escaped convict and armed robber James Earl Ray had already spent an uncommon year on the run that included plastic surgery the month before his path collided with that of the civil rights leader in Memphis, Tenn. Through interviews with first-person witnesses and investigators, O’Brien retraces the steps of King, Ray and investigators and explores alternative scenarios of what may have happened that fateful day on April 4, 1968.

This was an excellent documentary worth watching again and a must for anyone who wasn’t able to catch it last year.  More information can be found at Inspiring Bible Characters – The Wife of Noble Character


In our study of inspiring bible characters, we examine The Wife of Noble Character. Because of the difficult state of many marriages today, it is necessary that we say something that might inspire both husband and wife. While this particular passage of scripture we will study focuses on the role of the wife, we shall also look briefly at instructions the Bible offers for the husband.

Click here for Flash version or here for PDF of this week’s lesson.

The Wife of Noble Character
•Proverbs 31: 10-12
–The Bible is telling us that it is difficult to find a wife of noble character and that if found, she is worth far more than rubies.
–Her husband has full confidence in her. He knows she has dedicated herself to him and no other man. He believes in her and he lacks nothing of value because she makes sure he is taken care of.
– She brings him good, not harm. The noble wife is good for her husband. She is of help to him and he benefits from her presence in his life.

She is respected and praised…
•Proverbs 31: 28-31
–Her children and husband respect and praise her because of her character and work ethic.
–She fears the Lord. She is a Godly woman.
– She is to be honored and rewarded for the type of woman she is.

The Husband
•Ephesians 5: 25-33
–The Husband must love the wife as he loves himself. He must take care of her in the way he should take care of himself and his own body.
–He must love his wife so much that he is willing to give himself up (die) for her as Christ gave himself up for the Church.

How God intended it to be…

•The Husband loves his wife as he loves himself. He provides for her in a way that he should provide and care for himself. He loves her so much that he would die for her.
•In return, the wife feels loved and appreciated by her husband. She, then, reciprocates by being the best wife she can be to this man who adores her. She works hard to fulfill the role of The Wife of Noble Character.
•Because of her dedication to the family and to the Lord, she is respected and praised.

VIDEO UPDATE: President stands tall in face of tough economic questions during prime time press conference

Tuesday night, President Barack Obama held his 2nd prime time press conference. The President started the press conference with a 7 minute statement where he spoke directly to the American people, seeking to assure them with regards to the economy and his budget plan. Then he took questions.

The reporters were very focused on asking questions about the budget, whether or not the President’s deficit spending would spiral out of control, and of course AIG. The White House Press Corp. repeated a few questions, an excessive amount of time on Republicans who have been critical of the President’s budget and deficit spending.

“First of all, I suspect that some of those Republican critics have a short memory, because as I recall, I’m inheriting a $1.3 trillion deficit, annual deficit, from them,” Obama said in response to claims that his budget was the most irresponsible in American history. “…there’s a interesting reason why some of these critics haven’t put out their own budget. I mean, we haven’t seen an alternative budget out of them,” he went on to say, “…the reason is because they know that, in fact, the biggest driver of long-term deficits are the huge health care costs that we’ve got out here that we’re going to have to tackle.”

My favorite part of the press conference was when the president snapped on Ed Henry from CNN. Ed started out fine by asking about his “anger” with regards to AIG and the executive bonuses. But then Ed tried to press the President on the timing of his anger.

“So on AIG, why did you wait — why did you wait days to come out and express that outrage?” Henry asked, “Why did it take so long?” Obama snapped back at Henry, “Well, it took us a couple of days because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak….all right?”

The response garnered laughter in the press room, and excitement amongst my Twitter Followers. Some of my favorite Tweets from the evening:

PoliticalDivaRT @HopeChat: RT @roadkillrefugee MSNBC cam pans press corp: a sea of aging vanilla & gray looking down at notebooks

MonroeAndersonIt took days to speak on AIG comeback was a smack in the reporter’s face.

cristalbubblin“Cuz i like to know what Im talking about BEFORE I speak *smirk*”- President Obama *SHOTS FIRED* I love it LOL

oshunj#Obama got it right! He speaks re: #AIG bonuses when he knows what he is talking about…#CNN reporter got an ear full! Luv it!!

GEM2001You that was coming when he gave him the” President Obama Pursed Lip”

PoliticalDivaSomeone got their face cracked….

shawnpwilliams Not sure what CNN dude was hoping to accomplish, but I’m sure it wasn’t being snapped on by the POTUS.

It took a while, but it was nice to see Kevin Chappell of Ebony ask a question at the press conference. I enjoyed the direction he took his question, focusing on the people (homeless) who are affected by the economy. The President also spoke up on how veterans have been hit harder by the economy at higher rates than the rest of the country. I also thought the last question on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

The questions were tougher this go around, but the President had a good showing. His next step will be working with Blue Dog Democrats to get behind is efforts with energy and health care.