Texas Instruments responds to Hamilton Park claims

Here is a response posted to this site by Liz Moyer of Texas Instruments' Environmental, Safety & Health Services.  The post is in response a post by Lincoln Allen (click here to view).

From Ms. Moyer's post 

The posting by Mr. Lincoln Allen contains factual inaccuracies and claims that are misleading to readers.

Texas Instruments (TI) has been working proactively and in cooperation with regulatory agencies to address historic environmental impacts at its North Dallas Campus for more than two decades. Extensive scientific testing and monitoring gives us confidence that there is no basis for health concerns or adverse impacts to Hamilton Park from our operations. A detailed explanation of TI’s participation in the Voluntary Cleanup Program is available at http://www.ti.com/corp/docs/company/citizen/factsheets/cleanup.shtml.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the regulatory agency responsible for oversight of activities we are conducting under its Voluntary Cleanup Program was recently quoted in the Dallas Business Journal (April 27-May 3 story titled, “TI Spends Millions to Study, Clean Up Chemical Spills”) as saying, “We have no information to indicate that an adverse impact has occurred to anyone to date. Information collected to date, including groundwater samples, do not indicate a groundwater plume underneath the Hamilton Park neighborhood.”

Unfortunately, despite these findings and third-party supervision of TI’s environmental activities by responsible regulatory agencies, about 100 of the 700 residents in the community filed a lawsuit. We believe that testing and scientific analysis, as well as our understanding of neighborhood real estate transactions, disproves the plaintiffs’ claims.

TI has great respect for the Hamilton Park neighborhood. We strive to be a good neighbor and value the positive relationship we have enjoyed with its leaders and residents built through 50 years of cooperation. We will continue to work with the neighborhood on programs to benefit the community. We will also continue to ensure we are being protective of our neighbors and the environment.

Liz Moyer;
Environmental, Safety & Health Services;
Texas Instruments Incorporated

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