10 Places To Go In Dallas

I was out of town a few weeks ago and I ran into someone who told me they were headed to Dallas.  They asked me what they should do and see when they made it to town, and I struggled to come up with something off the top of my head.  

Since then, I've compiled a list of places that I think are great for out-of-towners as well as locals that are looking for something to get in to.  This is my own list of things to do and see in Dallas.  Hope you enjoy!


10.   The Potter's House     
potters.jpg Bishop T.D. Jakes is one of the most recognized theological figures in the world; and his ministry is based right here in Dallas.  
There a many who visit Dallas and put Bishop Jakes'  Potter's House at the top of their destination list.  I've always thought the city should make a bigger push to host some of the Bishop's signature events: like Megafest or Manpower.
The 8,400 seat sanctuary at The Potter's House is a great place to hear a sermon or watch a concert.  The 30,000 member congregation is literally spilling into the streets. If you cross through Loop 12 and Kiest on a Sunday you'll know what I mean.

9.   American Airlines Center                                     
AAC.jpg The American Airlines Center always has something interesting going on inside.  But its too bad that architects missed the boat with the building's brick exterior.  The glass buildings that will and already inhabit Victory Park make the 6 year-old building look like a dinosaur.  

With that said, the one new municipally funded sports venue in Dallas offers much more than heartbreaking basketball and marginal hockey.  Whether it's Beyonce, Mary J., Dancing with the Stars, or Disney on Ice,  the AAC runs through a decent mix of acts year

8.   White Rock Lake             
sailpic6.jpg White Rock makes the list because of the diversity of activities that are available.  The 9 mile trail around the lake offers the Dallas skyline as a scenic backdrop for walkers, joggers, bikers, and skaters.
On trips to White Rock you may see families fishing, flying kites, or bird watching.  There's enough open spaces for kids to play anything their little minds can imagine.

7.   Bishop Arts District        
The Bishop Arts District is an ecclectic mix of restaurants, art galleries, coffee houses, and specialty shops.  After Brooklyn was essentially evicted I stopped going for a while.
We recently headed back down and found Bishop still bustling with foot traffic.  Cosmo Rouge is an exquisite dinner spot and Hattie's is excellent for lunch.  For something a little more simple there's Huey's Bugers and after that walk across the street for some old fashion  ice cream.
The Bishop Arts Disrict can be hard to find, but once you make it you'll be sure find your way back.

6.   Paciugo at Victory Park                      
paciugo.jpg Paciugo has become my family's 'V' spot.  This is due in part to the fact that Paciugo is one of the few places in Victory Park that we can afford.
Since Victory is ours, we should enjoy it as best we can.  Paciugo's mix of water and soy based ice cream is a refreshing choice in the Texas heat.
Pachiugo patrons can indulge on benches outside the shop while viewing the oversized screens at Victory Plaza and the AAC.  If you are there around 5,6, or 10 pm, watch a live taping of Channel 8 news next door.

5.    Nasher Sculpture Center                               
NasherSculptureCenter.jpg As the Nasher Sculpture Center was under consideration, then construction, I couldn't see what all the hoopla was about. Artist renderings of the building weren't that impressive, but the  beauty -it was said- would be in its simplicity.  Turns out they were dead on in their assessment.
The beauty of the Nasher Center is that every inch of the "museum" allows you to focus on the main event: the works of art.  The glass and open spaces that pervade the structure allows one to view the collection as a wholistic package. 

The outside garden contains larger pieces, including the popular Walking to the Sky and My Curves Are Not MadYou can't go wrong with Saturday Night in the City which is held on the first Saturday of each month.  Enjoy the arts along with live music and dinner at Nasher Cafe by Wolfgang Puck.

4.    African-American Museum                   
AA Museum.jpg The African-American Museum is a great destination on a number of levels.  Even amongst the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the country, the African-American Museum holds its own.  Its distinctive dome is visible from the highway, and is impressive inside and out.

The museum has both permanent and rotating exhibits on display. Facing the Rising Sun is a must for anyone how wants to get a better understanding of African-American history in Dallas.  Throughout the year, the museum also plays host to a number other events; such as the Tulisoma Book Fair and Music Under the Dome.

 3.   DART Rail                           
dart.jpg It baffles me how many people have yet to realize the greatness of the DART light rail system.  It's a logical choice for those with a commute to and from downtown, but the rail has something to offer for everyone.

There are times when my son and I jump on at Westmoreland Station, ride down to Mockingbird Station, stop to sip a couple of frappuccinos, and head back south.  What a cheap trip.
Out of town guests love it when we take them on the rail because there's nothing that says you're in the city like riding a train.  It also makes trips to Ft. Worth via the Trinity Railway express a breeze.

2.   Friendship-West Baptist Church                                  
Covenant 009.jpg For some of the best preaching south of Heaven and north of Hell, visit Friendship-West Baptist Church.  Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III's visionary ministry the eschews the prevaling prosperity messages of the day and soars on the wings of social justice and social service.  

The 150,000 square foot facility which opened in January 2006, is one of the largest building south of I-30.  It can be distinguished by the three pyramids and cross that adorn the roof.  Inside the beautiful 5,500 seat sanctuary, images of the African ahnk are visible above the baptismal and on the pews.
Friendship-West has hosted a number of concerts, plays, conferences, and job fairs since moving to Wheatland RD last year.  Phase II of their development consists of an Ampitheatre, a Celebration Station styled Inspotainment Center, and Senior Housing.

Sunday Services start at 8:00 and 10:45 a.m. Word and Wonders on Wednesdays also meets weekly at 7:00 p.m.

1.    Brooklyn Jazz Cafe                        
brooklyn.jpg The great thing about Brooklyn is the consistency.  The music is consistently good, the food is consistently delicious, the staff is consistently friendly.  When guests come to town it offers a place that you can take them and get a distinctly urban atmosphere while showing them a good time. 

Owner and host with the most Mrs. Lorna Tate accomodates her guests with utmost care. It seems like she tries her best to speak with everyone who walks through the door.  Brooklyn's displacement from the Bishop Arts District was the best thing that could have happened; for the proprietors and their patrons.
Brooklyn offers live music Wednesday through Sunday nights.  Martha Burks and the Band is a Brooklyn staple (and my favorite).  The Sunday brunch is winner, as is Brooklyn; a jazzy place indeed.

Honorable Mention

State Fair of Texas

Reunion Tower

Kiest Park

Freedman's Memorial Cemetary

St. Luke United Methodist Church

Apple Store – North Park Mall 

Black Forest Theatre

Sixth Floor Museum

Museum of Nature and Science

Lady Di's


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