Conviction of Paris Texas Teenager Stands

According to Howard Witt and the Chicago Tribune, a Texas appellate court on Thursday let stand the conviction of ShaQuanda Cotton.  Many of you remember ShaQuanda who was convicted and sentenced for shoving a hall monitor at school.   

See Howard Witt's Chicago Tribune Story here

A few excerpts from Mr. Witt's article:

"It's not right, it's not fair that Shaquanda has to go around with this felony conviction," Creola Cotton said. "I am just sick over this, I really am."

Cotton, who had a history of school disciplinary write-ups and suspensions in the Paris public schools, was tried for shoving the hall monitor during an early-morning altercation…

Cotton's appeal attorney, Gary Waite, argued that, among other failures, the teenager's trial attorney had neglected to obtain her school and medical records beforehand

Please read Mr. Witt's article in its entirety.

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