Live at the Young Democrats Convention

Well I made it.  I have my press credential and I'm ready to roll.  There's already been a big disappointment (for me) as John Edwards as been rescheduled from 1:15 to 7 tonight

A couple of early observations:

#1   These people are really young.  I mean a man of early (mid) 30's like myself feels like an old man up in here.

#2   It's a very diverse gathering.  You see people of all "shades and colors", as well as older people also.  

#3   I've already seen a lot of the prototypical Democratic causes represented i.e. a pro-choice booth, a clean water booth, a table for Mikal Watt's U.S. Senate run, and others.  

The service project is about to get started, I'll get back to you in a bit.


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