Day of Blogging For Voter Justice: Senator Clinton Needs to Concede

There is a racial divide in the blogosphere just like everywhere else in America. I am taking Sen. Obama up on his challenge to bridge the gaps that still exist between Americans.

I’m calling on fellow left leaning bloggers (especially in Texas), to join the Afrosphere Action Coalition in the Day of Blogging for Voter Justice. We all know that the math says Hillary Clinton cannot win the pledged delegate count. Let’s call on Senator Clinton and her campaign to do the right think and start the healing process in the Democratic Party today.

Fellow bloggers, Black, White, Latino, Asian, et. al., I am calling on you to sign up and show that we can all come together. Not just as liberal or progressive ideology, but in action, word and deed. I am asking you to join this effort on Tuesday, so that WE can show the Democratic Party and this nation, that we are ready to come together and ready to rally around Sen. Obama and his plan of building a more perfect union.

I’m asking…will you join us? Please read the press release below.


The Afrosphere Action Coalition and its undersigning Coordinating Committee members (Frincis L. Holland, Wayne Hicks, Daz Wilson and Yobachi Boswell) are undertaking a Day of Blogging For Voter Justice, on Tuesday March 25th, to impress upon the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Senator Hillary Clinton, that the Junior Senator from New York must concede the election, and that their will be direr consequences if the DNC and it’s party officials, the superdelegates; overturn the express will of the voters in the democratic primary.

To this end Michael Fisher and Francis L. Holland, Esq have initiated a petition that was refined via consultation of the Afrospear. On Tuesday March 25th we want to call upon blog power to insight those of like mind to sign the petition and email/call/postal mail a statement of their choosing to the Democratic party bosses to let them know that acting like Republicans and stealing the vote will not be excepted.

The object of this action is for bloggers to motivate their readers to take action in making our voices heard by the DNC, and to put out a powerful unified message that the press is forced to pick up on.

What do you do?

1. First, go ahead and sign the petition
2. If you’re a blogger sign up for the Day of Blogging For Voter Justice by commenting to this post with your name (whether real or internet handle) and the actual FULL url of your blog [example:], so that we can have a hyperlink list to direct the media to
3. Prepare and put forth a post on the Day of Blogging For Voter Justice, so that we can all be heard as one strong voice: Tuesday March 25th,
4. Make contact with the DNC, and even Hillary Clinton’s office to let them know your stance.

The Democratic National Committee:

Mailing Address:
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Main Phone Number:

For their email form, go here

For Hillary Clinton’s contact information, go here

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