BET’s Hot Ghetto Mess (We Got To Do Better) a Mess Indeed

BET logo.jpgHot Ghet….excuse me, We Got to Do Better was one of the worst shows I've ever seen on television.  There were only two advertisers on my DVR version, the movie Who's Your Caddy, and Jenny Craig (shame on you Valerie).

What was the point?  What was up with the rednecks?  Did Charlie Murphy write that whack material he was spitting out?  

If anybody has got to do better it's BET.  BET needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves why do they take so much pride in promoting negative stereotypes and offensive images in relation to African-Americans. What gives them the right to make moral judgments on anyone; whether it be redneck or roughneck?

I could tell that some of the protests made by folks like What About Our Daughters forced BET to flip the script.  There were very few females shown outside of the Takin' it to the Streets segments.  

The show wasn't funny, original, thought provoking, or necessary.  It makes one thankful that Tyler Perry has a vehicle on Wednesday nights (House of Payne) that can actually make you laugh and think in the same episode.  HGM/WGTDB promised to do so, but failed miserably.

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