Tom Leppert seems at home at Friendship-West

0823leppert.jpgDallas Mayor Tom Leppert and his wife worshiped with Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III and members of Friendship-West Baptist Church at the 8:00 a.m. service on Sunday.  This is really not news but I have a personal reason for this particular post.  I have lambasted politicians on this website for stopping by black churches every 2, 4, or 6 years to drum up votes.  I would have done the same to Leppert had the need arisen.

During the mayoral campaign, I joked that Leppert and his wife were at Friendship-West so much they might as well have joined.  They attended the 8 o'clock service at FWBC the morning after he was elected as well. 

This time they came in without cameras or fanfare, and sat amongst the rest of the congregation.  Most politicians who visit walk in expecting a front row seat.  I observed Mr. Leppert as he stayed at least 20 minutes after service talking and shaking hands with parishioners. The dude is different, at least he seems like it to this point.

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