Keite Young’s debut album in stores this Tuesday August 28


Keite Young's name has been swirling around various R&B circles througout the year.  I happened to stumble upon one of Keite's tracks on the Black Music Month 2007 CD, where his single If We Were Alone (with N;Dambi) is featured with the likes for Tank, Kirk Franklin, Mya, and Sunshine Anderson.  The Ft. Worth native was kind enough to send me an advanced copy of his forthcoming CD The Rise and Fall of Keite Young, as well as grant me an interview regarding its release.


Dallas South Blog: Keite how would you describe your debut CD with Hidden Beach Recordings: The Rise and Fall of Keite Young?  

Keite Young: The Rise & Fall of Keite Young represents a journey inward. I want to share my perspective on the Human Experience based on personal yet common situations and circumstances. Some may be more positive while others more tragic, but those are the "ups and downs" (in effect, The Rise & Fall) that we all experience… 

DSB:  Who have been the biggest influences on your music and on your career. 

K.Y.: well, there's Little Richard, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sly Stone, Al Green, Sam Cooke, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Glen Goins, Prince….believe me, it just keeps going! 

DSB:  How has your call to the ministry affected your music? 

K.Y.:  Me being a minister has given shape and purpose to my creative power.  I know what I want to write about. I know how I want the listener to feel when I compose a chord progression.  I am very aware of what I'm communicating when I'm in the studio or on stage.  I don't bother with censoring myself. After all, what you are is what you are.   

DSB:  I've read where you refer to the single "Masks" as "…the most   personally vulnerable song" that you have written.  What did you mean by that? 

Keite thmb.pngK.Y.: Upon the time of writing, I was conflicted regarding certain subject matter in the song.  That is to say, I was raised in the Church and was taught to believe that homosexuality was an abomination before God.  On top of that, I was charged to teach others that belief! 

Well, as my own relationship with The One (aka YHVH, aka The Source, aka "A List of Names Considerably Longer than My Musical Influences") matured, I decided that a God that "BIG" and perfect could not be angered or offended by any life decision we make.

"God is Love" and Love Is as Love Does. Love embraces, Love uplifts, Love endures. No life choice could change that.   

Click here to learn more about Keite Young and to listen to tracks from his forthcoming album The Rise and Fall of Keite Young. 

DSB:  N'dambi is featured on the track "If We Were Alone" – my favorite one on the CD.  What do you think about the current R&B scene and which artists do you listen to?

K.Y.: Thank you! I'll accept that compliment for her as well (-: I think R&B is starting to become relevant again. Artist such as Joe, Jill Scott, India Arie, Musiq, Tamia John Legend and Robin Thicke have provided the public with an alternative to the disposable nonsense that has plagued popular music. Although I don't really listen 2 R&B these days, I do feel its resurgence (sadly due to Rap killing Hip-Hop). 

DSB:  What do you have lined up between the time your CD drops and the end of the year? 

KY: Shows, shows, shows!!! I do plan on getting back into the studio REALLY soon! 

DSB:  Thanks for your time Keite.

Keite's debut album The Rise and Fall of Keite Young will be released August 28, 2007.  Make sure to visit Keite's MySpace Page.

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