Kenneth Foster scheduled to be executed this week, family and others wait for Perry’s decision on clemency

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Last week I came across the plight of Kenneth Foster, a man on Texas' Death Row for a crime that was committed in his presence.  Eddie Griffin (visit Eddie's blog here), has been keeping me up to speed on efforts to stop  Kenneth's execution which is scheduled for this week.  I asked Eddie to share more on Kenneth's situation with our readers. 

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Dallas South Blog: Eddie, what exactly was Kenneth Foster convicted of and when?

Eddie Griffin: Kenneth Foster was convicted as an accessory to a (1996) robbery and murder committed by another man, simply because he was in the company of the assailant and the driver of the vehicle in which the assailant fled the crime scene. Under the Texas “law of parties”, he can receive the same punishment as the guilty shooter.

DSB: When is he scheduled to be executed?

EG: He is scheduled to be executed August 30, 2007. [Time: Unknown]

DSB: Why do you and so many others believe that he deserves clemency?

EG: Mr. Foster was 19 years old at the commission of the crime. Like many teenagers, he was in the wrong company at the wrong time, engaging in the wrong activity. A man should not be executed for another manÂ’s crime or for an error in judgment of his association. Mr. Foster neither intended nor conspired to kill anyone, and neither was there any blood on his hand.

DSB: What actions have taken place on Kenneth's behalf thus far?

EG: There have been petitions to the courts, a direct appeal to Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Pardons and Parole Board, as well as several editorials in support of Foster.

DSB: Have the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles or Governor Rick Perry made any comments about the status of Kenneth's execution?

EG: I have not read any direct response to our requests from either the Board or the Governor. Somewhere I read that the Pardons and Parole Board would review the last minute appeals on August 28th.

DSB: How can citizens help in the effort to attain a stay of execution for Kenneth Foster?

EG: First and Foremost, pray for Foster that his life may be spared.  Second: CONTINUE TO CALL & FAX LETTERS OF SUPPORT    

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, Executive Clemency Section

8610 Shoal Creek Boulevard

Austin, Texas 78757

Telephone: (512) 406-5852
Fax (512) 467-0945

Board Members: Rissie L. Owens, Jose Aliseda, Jr., Charles Aycock, Conrith Davis, Jackie DeNoyelles, Linda Garcia, Juanita M. Gonzalez
KEEP CALLING GOVERNOR PERRY: In Austin or from out of state: (512) 463-1782
Calling from Texas: (800) 252-9600
Fax: (512) 463-1849
Email: send message from the website:


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