Bloggers for Justice

I encourage readers to visit some of the other writers who took part in Thursdays Blogging for Justice.  And if you are compelled please contact media outlets and encourage them to pay more attention to this story.  For a list of contacts click here.

List of Bloggers for Justice

1. Wayne Hicks Cincinnati, OH

2. D. Yobachi Boswell Nashville, TN

3. Daz Wilson

4. Francis Holland

5. Jim D. Walton

6. Cooper

7. Yolanda

8. Vanessa Byers Miami, FL

9. Sincere

10. Pia

11. Adrianne George Sweden

12. Eddie Griffin Fort Worth, TX

13. PB Kansas City

14. Tom Autopref

15. Dave J. Haslett, Michigan

16. B. Medusa

17. Shawn Williams Dallas, Texas

18. Deidra Baton Rouge, LA

19. AAPP &

20. Invisible Woman San Fran, CA

21. Plez Atlanta, GA

22. Shanikka

23. Mahogony Diva

24. Saba

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