A parent welcomes the message of “Read A Book”

Mac wrote the following on the comment page.

I must admit that I'm a little torn on this one. While I understand that the writer may have gone too far with some of the lyrics, I also think that that's the point.

I was just about to let my 12 year old son watch this uncut video, but before the first word was said he started laughing and said that he had already seen it at his cousin's house. So we discussed it and while he could not realize the satire, he did get the message.

He said "we should not worry about girls and cars with rims… we should wear deodorant, brush our teeth, and read a book." So to the writer I say thank you. I can't be with my child every hour of every day, but at least I know he will get one positive message when he's watching BET and I'm not there to sensor what's really going on.

I don't think we're giving our children enough credit. And I'm not concerned with how the message was delivered. He got it! We need to understand that times have changed. I wouldn't expect him to give up his PS3 to play Pong on my Atari. Likewise, I can't expect the methods my parents used to teach me to work on him.

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