14 Buses from Friendship-West headed from Dallas to Jena

The lines were long, but the people were patient as hundreds and hundreds waited to board the buses on their way to Jena.  Major props to Friendship-West and Texas Supports Jena 6 for their excellent organization skills.

God has blessed me with a table, but hopefully I won't need it much because I plan to go to sleep ASAP.  A brother just came around handing out home made teacakes.  He ran out just before he got to me.  Oh well, these peanut butter crackers will hit the spot.

 hat.JPG  cpolk.JPG  front.JPG   rich.JPG

I saw students from Paul Quinn, TWU, and one high school (not sure which one).  There are husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, mentors and mentees.  I saw a couple of brothers who had on Million Man March shirts from 1995.  You could tell they hadn't worn them since. 

The buses are pulling off, it's dark and pretty quite.  Everyone seems to be looking to get a few winks on the 5 or 6 hour journey for justice in Jena.  It's a blessing to see 14 buses leaving from here, and the young brother across from me said P.V. students are headed out as well.  May God Bless everyone on their way.  See you in Jena (pending broadband coverage). 

*  Just got word 4 buses are pulling off from St. Luke U.M.C. 

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