“The Final Call” Interviews Megan Williams, female tortured by six in West Virgina

williams_noi-delg10-16-2007.jpgThe Final Call has posted an exclusive interview with Megan Williams, who was tortured severely for a week in West Virginia.  In her own words, Ms. Williams gives an unfathomable account of the days she spent with Frankie and Bobby Brewster, Karen and Alisha Burton, Danny Combs, and George Messer.

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Here are some of The Final Call's account of Ms. Williams' ordeal. 

“Bobby kicked me in my stomach a few times, kicked me in my back and my face and all I remember is that they hit me with several objects, a cedar stick, a fly swatter handle, a belt, a shoe; and you know the gloves with the lead in them? They were smacking me in the face with those. Both my eyes were black and every night, they made me sleep outside,” Megan told The Final Call.

MW: All of them passed the knife around when they were stabbing me, all I remember is that when they were stabbing me, I passed out, and I guess that’s when they quit because I passed out, because I lost so much blood. I had noticed the stab wounds and they were this big and my meat was hanging out (shows the location on her left thigh). All I can remember was the knife, and I wake up every night now. That’s the only thing I see when I close my eyes is that knife.

MW: I did. I fought back when they would cut me, and they had me taped up with duct tape around my neck, my hands and feet, and when they left to get drugs and stuff, they said they were going to finish me off; they were going to take me down to a river, cut my throat and throw me in it, and I would never get to see my family ever again.

According to the signed confession by one of the defendants, Bobby Brewster, Megan was forced to “eat human sh-t out of the toilet and rat turds,” and to “lick mom’s a– crack.” According to the confession read in court, Megan vomited and then was forced to lick her own vomit off of the floor.

Megan’s adopted mother, Carmen Williams, sobbed as the graphically detailed account of Megan’s torture were read for the court. At a certain point, she could no longer endure the testimony and left the courtroom in tears.

Does America even care?  Can you imagine the horror and outcry if the race of the victim those who tortured her were reversed?  What about Dunbar Village where the victims and attackers were black?

This is an excellent report by the Final Call.  Thanks to the African-American Political Pundit for the heads up.

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