Genarlow Wilson Freed

genarlow.jpgGenarlow Wilson was released from a Georgia prison on Friday, putting an end to another sad tale of American Justice.  Wilson had spent over two years in prison after he was convicted for having consensual (oral) sex with a minor. 

At the time of the "crime" Wilson was 17 and the minor was 15. His sentence for the act was 10 years.

On Friday The Georgia Supreme Court ordered that he be released. In a 4-3 vote, the court ruled that his sentence was cruel and unusual punishment.

Wison's release is covered at CNN, The Atlanta Journal Constitution , and The New York Times

Justice is served, God Bless Genarlow and his family.  I have seen and heard enough to believe that Genarlow Wilson will do all of us proud and this situation will only make him stronger. 

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