Soulja Boy Lyrics explained

soulja.jpgSoulja Boy's "Crank That Soulja Boy" is pretty hot right now, though it's popularity is probably on the downside. 

As of two or three weeks ago, football team from high school to the NFL were getting crunk before games with Soulja Boy as their inspiration.

And as many of you roll down the street bumping 17 year-old Soulja Boy allowing your kids to sing the clean version, I thought you may like to know what some of the songs more popular lyrics actually mean.  A friend of mine told me earlier this week, but I didn't want to believe him.  I consulted the urban dictionary and found that his explaniation was true.

Take a look at the the urban dictionary definitions for the following lyrics.

Superman Dat Hoe

Super Soak Dat Hoe

While your kids or nieces or nephews are doing the Soulja Boy, think about what the lyrics are saying.  The sad part is that most of the kids knew what it meant from the jump. 


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