Dallas area man hit with stun gun after calling 911 for seizure


Jon Nielsen of the Dallas Morning News tells the story of a Waxahachie man who was shocked twice by a stun gun after police responded to a diabetic seizure call.  This event occurred last April, as more and more stun gun abuses are coming to light.

According to Nielsen, court records claim that police entered the home in the 700 block of Perry Street in Waxahachie without a search warrant, twice shocked Mr. Nelms with a stun gun, laughed at him and left him on a bedroom floor.

Mr. Helms story is not at all unique.  There have been a number of taser incidents this year involving African-Americans.  Just a few examples:

Wichita, Kansas police tased a deaf man coming out of the shower.

Eugene Snelling was tased in Austin, Texas during a traffic stop.

A pregnant woman was tased by an officer in Trotwood Ohio. 

Visit the Tasered While Black website by clicking here

Nielsen goes on to say that police handcuffed Mr. Nelms until firefighters arrived and checked his blood sugar. In addition, the complaint states that Mr. Nelms was not treated for his wounds from the stun gun, nor was he taken to the hospital for further treatment after his seizure.

See Jon Nielsen's entire article by clicking here

I call upon the U.S. House of Representatives to convene hearings to investigate the improper use of taser/stun guns against African-Americans.  If officers are using the weapon on pregnant, deaf, and epileptic Americans, imagine what they are doing to those who are deemed a moderate threat (see New Orleans public housing protests).

The United States should follow the lead of Canada.  Last Friday (December 14), Canada's national police force said that they will restrict its use of Taser stun guns to suspects who are combative or actively resisting arrest.   This statement followed a report criticizing the force's excessive use of the weapon.  There are too many good cops out there to have their reputations tarnished by those who indiscriminately use taser guns, especially on non-combative suspects.  

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