Clinton campaign’s panhandling and debate strategy reek of desperation


The Hillary Clinton campaign wants to debate everyday. Rather than have the candidates out with the people they would rather utilize the cold medium of television. I wonder why?

I’m sure they will send more “seat fillers” to each debate who will clap (on cue) every time the New York Senator opens her mouth. They should do away with audience response in these debates. The Clinton camp want to debate once a week while Barack Obama’s campaign wants to get his message to the American public. Obama has agreed to debates in Ohio and Texas but the details are still up in the air.

After Super Tuesday it was “leaked” that Senator Clinton was loading her on money the her presidential campaign ($5 million). It was also reported that her senior staffers were going unpaid while the campaign “struggled” to raise funds. In a very New Hampshiresque manor, Clinton was able to amass three million sympathy dollars on Tuesday and has raised$6.2 million this week. Senator Obama has raised $7.2 million since his impressive showing on Tuesday.

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