Dallas Morning News writes more on Black Bloggers and the DNCC

Karen Brooks of the Dallas Morning News writes a follow up article to her story from a few weeks ago regarding black bloggers and the Democratic National Convention.  Some of you may recall that African-American bloggers were pretty upset when the DNC announced their state blogging pool, the first pass of credentialed websites for Denver.

After an additional list of bloggers receiving credentials was released -which included Dallas South- many felt a lot better about the black blogger presence in Denver.  Here are some highlights from the article Ms. Brooks wrote for the News.

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  • Minority blogs that felt spurned by the Democratic National Committee got some vindication recently when they were added to the list of blogs invited by party officials to cover their convention in August – but some still say the white blogs got preferential treatment and will get better access.
  • A few weeks later, the Democratic National Committee released their “General Blogger Pool” list, with an additional 69 blogs on them, many of which are minority blogs – including the Dallas South blog, published by Shawn Williams, who had written a letter to U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson expressing his concern about the lack of African-Americans among the bloggers at the convention.
  • Mr. Williams said he feels “much better now that we have seen the entire list” and that while “there is still a small group of bloggers who are concerned about the state blogger pool. … They don’t speak for everybody.”

    “Most of the black bloggers I have talked to are happy for those who are credentialed,” said Mr. Williams, who has begun raising money for the August convention.

  • “Fundamentally, the situation has changed very little,” said blogger Francis L. Holland, Afrosphere Action Coalition. “We think floor blog outreach to blacks is essential to Democratic victories in the fall, particularly in states with substantial black populations.”
  • Convention spokesman Damon Jones said it wasn’t surprising that some people were disappointed at not being credentialed, as “it is a hot ticket” and “everyone wants to be at the convention. It’s historic.”

As Forest Gump would say…that’s all I have to say about that.

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