UPDATED: Hillary Clinton taps Maggie Williams as campaign manager to save struggling Democratic Presidential bid

maggie-williams.jpgOn Sunday it was announced that Maggie Williams would replace campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, assuming the reigns of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Williams served as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff during President Bill Clinton’s first term.

Some see the move as another effort by the Clinton campaign to reach out to African-American voters, but the new campaign manager comes with an impressive list of credentials. Williams has served in a number of positions during her public service career, including the following:

  • Director of Communications for the Children’s Defense Fund
  • Deputy Director of Media Relations for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Deputy Press Secretary of the Democratic National Committee

Arrianna Huffington revisits a column she wrote about Williams 10 years ago.

African-American Political Pundit gives his thoughts on Williams here.

The Politico also covers Clinton’s campaign shakeup.

Williams joined Clinton’s campaign team as a consultant after her loss in the Iowa caucuses. Now she’s charged with somehow stemming the tide of the Obama campaign that continues to gain steam.

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