Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III marks 25th Anniversary of ordination service

haynes.jpgOn Sunday, Friendship-West Baptist Church recognized a milestone in the life of Senior Pastor Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III. Dr. Haynes was ordained 25 years ago at Third Baptist Church of San Francisco, California (established in 1852).

Sunday in Dallas Third Baptist and their pastor, Dr. Amos C. Brown, joined in celebrating this wonderful occasion. A congratulatory video was played in honor of Dr. Haynes during service. Josh Howard, Jerry Stackhouse, Shirley Murdock, Chris Arnold and others spoke of their appreciation for Dr. Haynes gifts. Also in attendance was former Congresswoman and current Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.

Dr. Brown ,who ordained Pastor Haynes at Third Baptist 25 years ago, was the preacher of the hour on Sunday. Dr. Haynes father and grandfather both served as pastor at Third Baptist before Dr. Brown began his pastorate in 1976. In April, Dr. Haynes will celebrate 25 years of service as Senior Pastor at Friendship-West.

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