Campus is buzzing, Clinton/Obama debate is all around

When I left Dallas, it was rainy and cold. I got out of my car here in Austin and the whether we beautiful. It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze gently blowing. Only in Texas.

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I walked across the street to get a bite to eat and saw that the “Clinton Classic Patty Melt” and “Obama Burger” were on the menu. Though they both sounded great, I opted for the turkey sandwich. Students were walking to and fro with book bags, many dressed in the familiar burnt orange of U.T.  CNN’s Situation Room was on the tube.

For those who don’t know UT is considered to be a very “liberal” campus and is home of the LBJ Presidential Library. Contrast that with my alma mater Texas A&M which is home of the George H.W. Bush library and one of the most active College Republican chapters in America. There are nearly 50,000 students here along with a faculty and staff of almost 20,000.

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Tonight’s debate will be held in the Recreational Sports Center. The debate hall is set up for about 1,500 people. It looks like the media room where I’m set up would normally be used for dance, while other media members are set up outside the racquetball courts. I’ll try to come up with more as I can.

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