I MADE IT: CNN Debate is covered from ALL angles

This has to be the Super Bowl, or at least the NFC Championship, of debates. There is media on top of media on top of media, and security is tight.  When I turned into the campus supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were out in full force.

dsc05515.JPG dsc05517.JPG dsc05518.JPG

I’m stationed next to Matt Glazer from Burnt Orange Report who you will see in a photo below (blogging as bloggers tend to do.  I also see that the good folks from the Dallas Examiner are scheduled to be here along with every other media member in Texas.

dsc05520.JPG     dsc05525.JPG    dsc05526.JPG

Check back with me throughout the day and I’ll try to give you a feel of what’s going on.  Right now I’m hungry, so I’ll catch ya’ll later.

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