Politics:Obama supporters live to fight another day

OK, I’ve been out of pocket, so I apologize up front for being out of the loop. But the time is now, the race is on, the fight is not over

To be honest, I love to track politics but I have had no desire to be in politics. Yet here I find myself smack dab in the middle of the presidential campaign.

In February, Dallas South saw UNPRECEDENTED TRAFFIC. Almost 3 times as many unique visitors each day over December. Over 350,000 hits in February. Much of that was due to the Dallas South coverage of the Texas Democratic Debate in Austin. Mostly due to the popularity of one post: Texas Democratic Election a Primary/Caucus Hybrid…

This post has garnered an amazing 74 comments to date, and has been circulated throughout the country as a means to understand how we vote (twice) in Texas. When searching Google for “Texas Democratic Primary” this post came up on the first page. For a blogger or anyone who owns a website, finding your way on the first page of Google for anything is about as good as it gets.

And then there was Tuesday. It’s funny, but for all the “Hillary comeback” talk, “momentum” talk, “joint ticket” talk, Tuesday was a good night for us (Barack Obama supporters).

TEXAS, WHERE OBAMA DID NOT STAND A CHANCE 3 MONTHS AGO. A majority of the electorate had not heard of him at that point. And has anyone forgotten that Texas is a state that borders Arkansas?

I have so much more, but after having like 4 flights canceled in an attempt to get back to Dallas from Orlando, I’m still tired. Look for things to get back to normal on Monday and look for plenty OBAMA coverage. The math is in our favor.

I rushed this one, so excuse any typos (as most of you do).



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