Hustle Knockin’ explains contradictions of John Adams biopic


I had to share this review of HBO’s John Adams Biopic posted at . The film starring Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney chronicles the life of one of America’s founding fathers.  Here are a few excerpts from the review.  Be sure to visit as well.

  • Filming a biopic about John Adams without delving into American slavery and the colonists’ homicidal land-grabbing relationships with Native Americans would be akin to doing a biopic about Bud Selig or Mark McGwire and ignoring the Steroid Era.
  • Only does Adams’ wife, played by Laura Linney seem to even remotely acknowledge that the practice of slavery and Native American genocide at the hands of colonists and empires alike may exist. During a one-on-one Mrs. Adams calmly suggests to John that along with building a nation free from British rule, that they should also consider ending slavery.
  • John Adams is a dramatic piece; and great drama is rooted in conflict and contradictions. And what greater source of contradiction and conflict is there than exploring characters who boldly fight to protect for themselves that which they intentionally and simultaneously choose to deprive others of?
  • Yet, John Adams chooses to ignore this most-obvious and potentially riveting question in favor of endless Paul Giamatti close-ups, Founding Father fawning and dreary pacing akin to Mel Gibson’s The Patriot. The end result makes John Adams a joke of a drama.

Read the entire review by clicking here.

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