Obama leading Texas Senatorial Convention delegate count

As of 1:10 p.m. on Sunday, Burnt Orange Report reported results of the Texas Senatorial Conventions with 83% (6,365) of the total delegates (7,64) counted – 55% of the conventions tallied. Of the total delegates count reported, Senator Barack Obama has garnered 56% (3,561 delegates) and Senator Clinton 44% (2,804).

Obama did extremely well in the Dallas County conventions. In State Sen. Royce West’s District 23, Obama won 82% (306) of the delegates. If Clinton had not received at least 15% from the precinct convention representative, then all of the districts 373 state delegates would have gone to Obama. Sen Clinton gained 67 delegates from District 23.

Other Dallas County results:

District 2 – 80 delegates to 30 delegates
District 8 – 52 to 35

District 9 – 45 to 28

District 16- 150 to 105

Click here to see Burnt Orange’s County/District breakdown.

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