More on Dr. Jeremiah Wright, black preachers in Dallas Morning News

The Metro section seemed like an odd place or Jeffrey Weiss’ article regarding Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, but I’m guessing he was moved by his experience at the Black Church Summit a couple of weeks ago. See Weiss’ article Obama pastor’s sermons highlight racial divide.

There’s not much new here, but the print version has an interesting breakdown of some of the points Dr. Wright made in the sermons in question.  I’d advise those who can pick up today’s DMN to do so just for that table.  He also talks about surveys of African-Americans where many believe that HIV and AIDS are man made.

If you check out the News’ Religion Blog,  you’ll see Jeffrey has done extensive work on the Wright topic.  He’s even unpacked (theology term) so called God Damn America speech.

It’s all a mixed bag to me.  Like Father Pfleger says in the video below, it’s impossible to come in from outside an try to interpret the sermon without any context of the person who delivers it.

In the 10 years I’ve heard Jeremiah Wright speak, I’ve never once thought once that this was a hateful man.  As a matter of fact, in the times I’ve gone up to talk to him after church or small group teaching session, his melodic voice is barely above a whisper.

I’m ashamed that America would treat a veteran and patriot this way.  But then look at what they did to John Kerry.  Yet for some reason, I still have the Audacity of Hope.  I wish I knew why.

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