ATTENTION! Obama Texas State Convention Delegates and Alternates

Thanks to Eddie Griffin for passing along the following info.  Anyone needing the Power Points mentioned in this memo shoot me an email and I’ll get them to you.

Dear Obama Delegates and Alternates,

First of all, congratulations to everyone on the exciting outcome of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries yesterday. We are now one step closer to clinching the Democratic nomination and turning our full attention to the Fall campaign against Sen. John McCain.

We’ve made it this far thanks to the support of folks like you all across this great country – people getting involved and getting organized; contributing their time, their energy and their support; and participating in record numbers in this movement for change. I hope today you feel proud to be a part of this important and historic moment in our history.

But there is still work to do. We should feel not complacent, but energized, by yesterday’s results and the opportunity we’ve been given. At the Texas State Convention, we can make a powerful statement to the entire nation: this election year, with this candidate and our enthusiastic participation, we can win Texas in November.

With that said, let’s turn back to the task before us. Here is the latest information:

• POWERPOINT SLIDES AND OTHER INFO – As promised, the Powerpoint slides from last weekend’s presentation are attached, along with the How to Become a National Delegate form, an explanation of all elected positions at stake at the Convention, and the Conventions FAQ.

• DELEGATION CAPTAIN TEAMS – We are so thankful that nearly 100 of you signed up to be Delegation Captains. We will be contacting everyone who signed up to be a Captain throughout the rest of this week. We hope Delegation Captains will be able to contact their delegations beginning next week.

• SENATE DISTRICT PRE-CAUCUSES – Please save the date: We would like to host Senate District get-togethers on Saturday, May 24, most likely in the Bluebonnet Room near our former office in the Fort Worth Stockyards. These events will give National Delegate and Committee candidates the opportunity to present their candidacy statements to their fellow delegates.

Tentatively, we are looking at the following schedule for May 24:

o 9 AM – Senate District 9
o 12 PM – Senate District 10
o 4 PM – Senate District 12
o Senate District 30 – Due to your large geographic area, your pre-Caucus will be in Austin on the Friday morning of the Convention – Details TBA

• OTHER PROJECTS – We have more Delegation Captains than we need to organize the State Convention, which is a great problem to have. We will therefore encourage our Delegation Captains to also spend time organizing other projects in their neighborhoods, especially voter registration drives. I sincerely hope you can participate in these crucial efforts.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks again for everything you are doing.


Brett and Matt

Brett Rosenthal
Obama National Staff – Texas Conventions Organizer
Phone: 214 542 4017

Matt Tranchin
Obama National Staff – Texas Conventions Organizer
Phone: 843 601 6964

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