Mr. and Ms. Hillary Clinton Supporter, you can stop this now


To Hillary Clinton Supporters,

First I would like to say that it has been an exciting race for the Democratic Nomination that has seemingly lasted forever. I know it has not ended up as many of you had hoped, buy you and your candidate have a lot to be proud of.

You all raised tons of money, the likes of which a Democratic candidate had never seen prior to this year. Your Hillary yard signs, bumper stickers, and buttons are all over the place, and stand as evidence of the fervent support you all have for your candidate.

Your candidate has campaigned across the nation, held her own in debates, and laid forth a vision which she thought was best for America. She’s even overcome missteps made by her husband to stay viable well into the Spring.

But the time has come for those of us who long to see an end to Republican ineptitude to join together for the purpose of defeating John McCain in the fall. It’s time that Hillary Clinton withdraw from the Democratic race so that her party, and presumptive nominee Senator Barack Obama, can focus on the General Election in November.

There is a reason that I am reaching out to you, Clinton supporter. It’s because I don’t think that Hillary Clinton will exit the race anytime soon without a little urging. And though she has every right to continue on, it is in none of our best interest for her to do so.

I fear more divisiveness, like her comment yesterday that she would be the nominee if the Democrats played by Republican rules. That is not a constructive attitude, and her remarks will not help the cause of defeating McCain.

I don’t believe that DNC Chairman Howard Dean will ask her to drop out. His involvement, or lack there of, in this process has been most disappointing. There aren’t many who like this “superdelegate” system, but since it is in place then he should do more to have them make their choices known.

So it’s up to you, Hillary Clinton supporter, to make this happen. Write Mrs. Clinton to let her know your feelings. Send her and email or leave a post on your favorite blog. But most of all STOP SENDING HER MONEY. Clinton’s campaign said that they will know it’s time to get out of the race when they stop receiving campaign contributions.

Don’t worry about the mounting debt which lead her to recently dip into her own savings to loan the campaign $6.5 million dollars. I have no doubt that Senator Obama will use his record breaking contribution amount to retire her debts. He has shown nothing but respect for Senator Clinton throughout this race and I have no problem with this move if he were to decide to make it.

So please, urge Mrs. Clinton to withdraw from the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. It is the best thing for all of us right now, and it will give us more time to campaign against John McCain and the Republicans.

Yours Truly

Shawn Williams – Barack Obama Supporter

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