How Lowe Can You Go? DISD school board ethics policy needed

By Earnest Gates

dallas_isd_logo.jpgAs some of you are aware, Dallas ISD does not have an ethics policy. As a matter of fact, the newly re-elected Board President Jack Lowe’s company has received over $9 million from the district while he has been a sitting board member. Can you imagine one of the Black board members reaping these types of benefits while sitting on the school board? The pressure from the media, not to mention the local community would be immense to force him/her to resign from the board.

I would like to commend Board Member Carla Ranger for having to courage to bring this issue to the board and the public prior to the bond election. Can you believe she could not even get a second on the motion to discuss an ethics policy? What is really going on? How low will Jack Lowe continue to get contracts for his company while sitting on the board? It is time for us to tell Jack Lowe that he must go.

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