John McCain ripping off Obama campaign material


Does the image and slogan about look a little familiar? Thanks to African-American Political Pundit for hipping me to a Huffington Post article regarding McCain stealing Barack Obama’s steeze. Here’s what Sam Stein had to say:

  • The line donned McCain’s lime-green backdrop as he addressed supporters in Louisiana. During that speech, moreover, the Arizonan took his Obama-posing a step further, uttering the word “change” more than 30 times. Not that Obama can claim sole ownership of the word or idea, but still…
  • Now there is this. On Wednesday, the McCain campaign put out a new homepage, featuring his new, Obama-like slogan, and an image that seems uncannily similar to Obama’s trademark campaign logo – the red and white stripped valley under what appears to be a blue sun (or in McCain’s case, blue sun rays).
  • mccain-and-obama-webpages-large.jpgMcCain’s seems to be positioning himself so that he is not caught, like Sen Hillary Clinton, simply ceding the mantle of change to Obama. But when the co-opting of images, logos, and slogans is this blatant, it could prove more embarrassing than advantageous.

As I said in a recent post, the Republicans don’t have any new ideas, and obviously can’t come up with a slogan for anything. Remember the last slogan we heard from the GOP was Change You Deserve. They came to find out the saying was already taken by an anti-depressant

And what about McCain’s idea of a League of Democracies? I guess NATO and the U.N. just don’t cut it anymore.

Is anyone else laughing or is it just me?

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