Dallas South/Shawn Williams talks foreign policy on BBC’s World View

This morning I got a call from BBC’s World Have Your Say asking me to appear on their radio program at 5:00 GMT.  Unfortunately as an American I can’t say I knew exactly when 5 GMT was.  Turns out it was noon Central time, so I was able to appear on the show during my lunch hour.

Take a listen to the show by clicking HERE.

The topic was the foreign policies of Barack Obama and John McCain.  Also on the program where former George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan staffer Peter WEiner, and Pro McCain Blogger Jeff from Politico Mafioso, and supporting Senator Obama was Matt Duss from the Center for American Progress.

There were some technical difficulties with my sound at the beginning, so you don’t hear much from me in the first 20 minutes.  But they do give me a chance to make up for lost time in the last 2o minutes.

Thanks to Marcus and the good folks at Cakemix Studios and thanks to Ros, Chloe and all the good folks at the BBC.  Cheers!

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