Senator Barack Obama challenges black fathers and black families

Senator Barack Obama and his family spent Father's Day at the Apostolic Church of God on Chicago's South Side.

Any fool can have child, that doesn't make you a father. Senator Barack Obama

I heard Kyra Phillips on CNN asking whether or not Obama would take heat for his comments, likening his pseudo sermon to the self hate speech spewed by Bill Cosby. Of course he won't. The problem with Cosby is not the content of his speech but the spirit from which he speaks. Obama spoke from a "we" position in explaining how the African-American people can be made whole. Cosby speaks in terms of "they" and "them."

One of the gross misunderstandings during the whole "black church/black pastor " flap was that black folks don't preach or teach responsibility. The senator's stance on the role of black father's is not foreign to black pulpits. Family values are taught right along side equal justice.

I really liked when Obama tells the single mothers they need help. I truly believe our sisters do things by themselves because they can, without thought of whether or not it may be better to raise their children with a child's father.

Excellence, responsibility, expectation, he's right on the money. Our community has to take a stand. It was great seeing Obama in this environment.

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