Fox News is not news, time to stop calls for boycotts

Fox News is not a news station. I’m amazed at how much credibility people give to a right wing PR outfit like Faux.

Maybe it’s because people don’t have the chance to listen to their hosts on the radio. Driving around throughout the day, I have time to fly by Sean Insanity’s propaganda filled 3 hours as well as Bill O’Reiley’s radio factor.

I keep getting emails asking for people to boycott Fox News. That’s an unreasonable request because most of the people getting the emails don’t watch Fox with any consistency. The closed minded race baiting crowd who believe in Fox have no intentention to stop watching.

But back to the point, just because they call themselves “fair an balanced” doesn’t meat that they are. There has never been a solitary action taken by the station to make one believe fair is their intent. Whether it’s immigration or God forbid the thought of a black man running for POTUS, Fox takes the position of the hard right on at all cost.

People should treat Fox as what it is, a tool to stir up fear; fear of cooky liberals, dangerous immigrants, fanatical Muslims, and angry black women. O’Reiley has been preaching a World War III over oil on his radio program for the last few weeks.

If anyone were to go after Fox, they should target companies who advertise on the network. However their demographic foundation of “conservative”, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Republican, white viewers are coveted by television advertisers. Throw in a healthy helping of racists and bigots and you’ve got a substantial number of American consumers

Here are just three examples of their most recent desperate grabs for attention:

  • Calling Michelle Obama Barack’s Baby’s Mama
  • Accusing the Obama fist bump of having terrorist origins
  • One of their contributors suggesting Sen. Obama be killed along with Osama Bin Laden

They stay relevant by getting people talking about this ignorant mess for a news cycle and then issuing a meaningless apology.

Fox News represents the worst in America. It’s how many people across the world view our country, as aloof nationalists only interested in self. Folks who look to that station for news should be ashamed of themselves.

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