Choctaw Chickasaw Freedman seek recognition of heritage from tribes


I have to give all the credit to Chris Eubanks for realizing that this was a story that I would be interested in. Chris told me I should speak with Verdie Triplett, founder of the Choctaw Chickasaw Freedman of Oklahoma. I called Verdie the next day, and he’s been a wealth of information on the plight of Black Indians/Freedmen and their descendants.

Click here to learn more about the Choctaw Chickasaw Freedman right now!

Today I’m starting my first You Tube series with Mr. Triplett documenting slavery in the civilized tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chicasaw, Creek, and Seminole) and how the black citizens of these tribes have been wiped from the history books and out of the nations. This will go all the way up to a recent vote by the Cherokee overrule their tribal courts and remove approximately 2800 documented freedman and the tribe.

Your assignment is to forward this You Tube and link to the Choctaw Chickasaw Freedman to everyone you know. We have got to get this info out there. This first video only scratches the surface. Check back tomorrow.


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