Beware of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Distractions)

By Earnest Gates

It is become more and more obvious that the Republican party and conservatives in general do not seem very “hopeful” about Senator John McCain’s chances of winning the presidency. Even sadder, John McCain does not think he can win being the Maverick, John McCain.

He has decided to turn the campaign over to “Karl Rove’s JV team.” Unfortunately, the playbook has the same plays in it from the past two decades. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.

They have turned to WMDs to accomplish this mission. Senator Obama on Saturday did an excellent job, in a matter-of-fact way, of talking about the talent of the GOP being masters of distractions. You saw a sneak preview over the last week of what is to come in the Fall.

He is too young, he is too inexperienced, do you want a celebrity or a hero to lead you? Do you want the Messiah or a Man on a mission? All I can say is don’t believe the hype because that’s all it is. They want you to get caught in these rabbit trails so it can take your mind off of the real issues and concerns. It has worked in past but, in the words of Barack Obama, “not this time.”

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