Dallas South announces DNC plan of events – still looking for invites

Today I am publishing a tentative calendar of my coverage of the DNC Convention in Denver. I am still looking for suggestions on events to attend and things to do while in town. There will be one more blogger in my traveling party, so hopefully we will be able to cover twice the number of events that are listed here.

Make sure to visit the Google Calendar to the right, click the week view and scroll over to the week of August 24th.

Gina McCauley came across an 18-page list of Denver Happenings, that I used in part to shape my calendar. Take a moment to look through the list. If you see something interesting I’ve missed, or if you have the hook up and can get my party of two into any events PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Within the next couple of days, I will announce a live blogging schedule as well as possible Blog Talk Radio Shows.  You will also see the calendar populate with interview requests that are already coming in.

My coverage in Denver will lean heavily African-American and Texas.  I will be depending on eyes and ears across the country to keep me up to speed, because communications in Denver could be iffy.  Some of you may want to create Twitter accounts so you can tweet at me next week.  This is not a Shawn thing, this is a Dallas South family thang.  Let’s go make history.

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