CNC (Clinton National Convention) in full effect

I’ve held my peace about as long as I can. Earlier this week as I planned for my coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I got a look at the schedule of speakers.

I was excited to learn that Michelle Obama is the headliner for Monday’s opening night. She will be introduced by her brother, and have the opportunity to shine in front of a large American viewing audience. Then things take a turn.

Hillary Clinton is the main speaker on Tuesday. This is not a surprise and it doesn’t bother me one bit that the runner up for the Democratic nomination would be afforded such a stage.

But on Wednesday night, we will get another shot of Clinton juice as Bill is scheduled to take the podium. This is exactly why his wife will not be the nominee on Thursday. The man doesn’t know when to take a back seat.

Under normal circumstances, hearing from one of two living Democratic Presidents would be a really good thing. But after the bitter (probably could have chosen a better word) Democratic Primary that raged througout the Spring -due in part to his comments- Clinton will not be received favorably by many Obama supporters. It’s just too much.

Now we learn that Hillary Clinton’s name will be put in nomination along side Senator Barack Obama’s. In a statement, Obama says “I am convinced that honoring Senator Clinton in this way will help us celebrate this defining moment in our history and bring the party together in a strong united fashion.”

Yet a Pew Research center poll shows Obama is favored by 72% of Clinton supporters. Yes the 18% who say they will vote for McCain present a problem, but what block votes more than 3/4 besides Black folks?

Even the coveted “White Evangelical Christians” go about 3/4 for McCain and 1/4 for Obama, nearly identical to how they split their 2004 votes between G.W. Bush and John Kerry.

It seems like the Clinton’s are treating the convention like a 2012 warmup, but they’ll receive a cool reception from many of us..

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