John McCain’s Homeownership: Can anyone help him find out how many he has?

How many houses does John McCain own? Well it’s seven. You and I know that, but apparently he doesn’t.

Barack Obama’s latest campaign ad titled Seven highlights this fact, along with McCain’s belief that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

Barack Obama goes further on these themes in a campaign stop in Chester, Virginia. According to Obama (in the video below), when McCain was asked how many houses he owns he said “I’m not sure, I’ll check with my staff.” McCain came back and said “at least, four.”

Obama needs to keep hitting the theme AND tone of the message in the above clip. This is one of the things I’ve said from the beginning. No matter how much the Republicans try to paint Obama as out of touch or elitist, his life has been more like yours and mine more recently than McCain.

His wife was driving their kids to school up until last year, he’s probably driven more miles in a car in the last 5 years than McCain has driven in the last 20. Forget the fact that he owns 7 houses, the fact that he doesn’t know if it’s four or seven is something to think about. Good thing Rick Warren didn’t ask a hard question like how many houses do you on on Saturday.

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