jordan.jpgI know that the lines that divide Democrats and Republicans are strong. But how can anyone explain their vote against honoring the late great Barbara Jordan? But that’s exactly what State Representative John Davis (R-Clear Lake) and his counterparts did during the 79th Session of the Texas Legislature in 2005.

Barbara Jordan became the first African-American female to serve in the Texas Senate in 1967. She would eventually become the first black woman from a Southern state to serve in U.S. Congress. Even still, Rep. Davis voted against having a state office building named in her honor.

According to a memo received by Dallas South, during the 79th Session of the Texas Legislature in 2005, State Rep. Jim Dunnam (D-Waco) introduced an amendment to the General Appropriations Act which would have renamed a state office building “The Barbara C. Jordan State Office Building.” Davis and his buddies below didn’t find Jordan worthy of such an honor, however he did vote for naming a portion of US Highway 290 in Harris County after Ronald Reagan.

In November, Davis is opposed by Sherrie Matula (D-Houston), in a race for Texas House District 129. Matula is a former member of the Clear Lake ISD board of trustees, and a longtime science educator. I think it would be fitting for Sherrie Matula to defeat the man who voted against honoring Rep. Jordan (and against Helping At-Risk Youths and Texas Families In Crisis among other things). I’ll be watching this Houston race with interest in November.

The full list of House members voting against the amendment is as follows:

Allen, R.; Anderson; Baxter;Berman; Bonnen; Branch; Brown, B.; Callegari; Campbell; Casteel; Chisum; Cook, B.; Cook, R.; Crabb;Crownover; Davis, J.; Dawson; Delisi; Denny; Driver; Eissler; Elkins; Flynn; Gattis; Goolsby; Griggs; Grusendorf; Hamilton; Hamric; Hardcastle; Harper-Brown; Hartnett; Hegar; Hill; Hope; Hopson; Howard; Hughes; Hunter; Hupp; Jackson; Jones, D.; Keel; Keffer, B.; King, P.; Kolkhorst; Krusee; Kuempel; Laney; Laubenberg; Madden; Merritt; Miller; Morrison; Mowery; Nixon; Orr; Otto; Paxton; Pitts; Reyna; Riddle; Seaman; Smith, W.; Smithee; Solomons; Straus; Swinford; Talton; Taylor; Truitt; Van Arsdale; West; Wong; Woolley; Zedler

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