Witnessing History

For the most part, you don’t know when a historical moment until after it happens. Sometimes you try to guess, but you can never be too sure. History was my favorite subject in school and those moments are always on my radar.

With that said, I’m not sure I would have travelled to Denver for the DNC convention were I not invited as a blogger. I would have missed something special had I not. I’ve heard from many friends and family members that they were “jealous” of the opportunity that I had this week…but still they were happy for me. Who could have imagined itwould have all played out like it did?

On Wednesday I witnessed a significant moment that didn’t dawn on me until after I went back to review the tape as they say. The DNC staffers were giving “podium tours” to the bloggers during the roll call. When we walked into the arena and up above the stage, they were on the “M” states. By the time we walked off stage and back down to the bloggers, lounge Senator Clinton made a motion to suspend the rules and nominate Senator Barack Obama by acclimation. The folks at home knew this before hand, but it was a bit of a shock to most of us to say the least.

I rushed into the convention hall with my flip video camera in tow in order to get the reaction of the delegates. After reviewing the YouTube (YouTube channel shawnpwilliams) I realized that as I entered the hall just as Speaker Pelosi called for the vote on Clinton’s motion and eventually put Obama’s name into nomination.

Pelosi let us know that Obama had accepted the nomination and went on to announce when and where he would give his acceptance speech. That, in fact, was the very historical moment when the vision and dream became a reality.

I’m sure I’ll find more moments as I look back through the pictures, video, and my barely functioning brain. Gotta run, heading outta Amarillo to Dallas.

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