Political Election Season in full swing for next 60 days

By Earnest Gates

People, it is game time. The next 60 days will be here and gone before you know it. There is still much work to do.

If you live in Dallas County, you have until midnight on October 6th to register voters. Don’t take any chances! We need to ask if people are registered like Christians need to ask if you are saved! If someone says they are registered, we need to ask if they have their voter registration cards, and if not have them to call the Dallas County Election Department (214) 819-6300 and make sure that they have them listed.

Once that is verified, two things must happen. First, the newly registered voter must go out and do the same thing that you did. Second, we must begin to tell those who are not sure if they will vote or feel that their vote won’t count what a John McCain administration will look like.

Less government programs (Head Start), less funding for after school programs, less funding for college grants, less money back on your tax return. Language is the key and we must know the issues and put them in language people we come in contact with everyday can understand.

October 7, we must go door to door and email and text everyone we know why John McCain should not be President. I will have a list for you by then. We must also tell everyone we know to go vote early (October 20th is when early voting starts). Find out where you can go and go! As a matter of fact, go with a friend. Go vote and catch dinner and a movie. Make sure you vote EARLY.

On election day, take off work and take people to vote or call and ask Obama supporters have they voted and if not, go VOTE now!

I will be back with more tips. This will get you started. Start TODAY!

If you don’t do everything you can, you will wake up the day after election day depressed and guilty. Don’t take any chances. You have been warned!!!

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