How Dare They?

By Earnest Gates

After Senator Obama gives a major speech on education, the McCain campaign comes back with an ad that says that he supported sex education for kindergarten kids. How ignorant can you be?

What type of man would allow his campaign to make such an ad? Someone desperate to be President, that is who!

I no longer have any respect for John McCain as a Senator, or as a candidate for President. He has shown now that he is willing to get as deep in the dirt as humanly possible to win this election.

Anyone that would vote for a man who would do this and not saying anything about it, deserves whatever he gets. If he does win after this stunt,  I will do what I can to make sure he loses re-election (if he runs) by a landslide. And to see the MSM today talking about a pig and lipstick instead of the difference in the two candidates’ education policy let’s me know they are about ratings only, not journalism. Enough is enough!

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