An Election/Presidential Conversation between two hardworking blue collar voters

Monday I wanted to share with you an ACTUAL conversation that I overheard on Friday.  When I share this with people, it’s so stereotypical that people won’t believe it.   This conversation was between two gentlemen –one looking to be in his late 40’s and the other in his mid 60’s.  Let’s call them Hardworking Voter and Blue Collar Voter. They were in the presence of two other people besides myself.  They didn’t know one another and started up an impromptu conversation on the election. 

I’m on election overload right now, so I just wanted to read the book I had brought in with me.  However once these guys got going, I had to pull out a pen and paper and try to capture some of what they were saying. This was the actual flow of their conversation once I began taking notes.

If this is the public conversation, imagine what’s going on in private.  

Hardworking Voter: I like Sarah Palin, she can shoot a gun, fish…that’s something I can relate to.  I can relate to her more than McCain.


Blue Collar Voter: Yeah Obama, that’s too close to Osama to me.


Hardworking Voter: You know I’m a Republican, but I have to admit that Bill was good when he was in there.  Until all that other stuff came out after he left.


Blue Collar Voter: Like terrorism?


Hardworking Voter : Yeah, he had Osama Bin Laden in the palm of his hand and didn’t do anything with it.


Blue Collar Voter: We’ve got to get a hold on the immigrants and the Muslims in this country.


Hardworking Voter: Hey, they can have there religion.  But they need to stop trying to force it on me.


Blue Collar Voter: If they don’t like this country, they need to go back over there and be in the sand somewhere.


Hardworking Voter: I say put marine snipers on the border and shoot whoever tries to come over.  I bet that would stop some of it.


Blue Collar Voter : Then they would say you’re killing innocent women and children.


Hardworking Voter: What difference does it make?  They just want to blow you up anyway.

 Blue Collar Voter: Archie Bunker, he had it right. He was my idol

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