Fox Noose interviews Father Michael Pfleger about Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s appearance at St. Sabina

I don't have time to unpack this right now, but all of you need to know who Father Pfleger is out of Chicago. He is a white Catholic priest who ministers at a predominantly black church on the southside of Chicago - The Faith Community of St. Sabina. I'm also proud to call Father Pfleger a friend of Dallas South (or at least Shawn Williams).

Conservatives and others are trying to make Pfleger an issues in the presidential campaign. He has worked with Obama on many occasions and is a great asset to the community. He's cleaned up gangs, drugs, fought for economic justice. Anyway, like I said, I don't have time.

But Pfleger is also critical of the U.S. and the Bush administration. I've seen some sites who have tried to paint Father Pfleger as racist -against white people. See Jill Stanek's Father Pfleger’s black heart.

But so far it hasn’t stuck. I can hear them now “How can we make this white man, that has a picture of a black Jesus up in his church, out to be racist?” You know, like Dave Chapelle’s black-white supremacist.

Anyway, I don’t have time, but check out the video where Fox Noose interviews Pleger regarding Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s appearance there a couple of weeks ago.


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