Jazzy wants to know: Presidential Election ’08 – What are your issues?

By Jazzy of Because I Said So 

As the election date draws closer both parties should focus on issues and leave trivial lipstick on the pig non-issues behind. I am curious as to what readers and potential voters are focusing on as their must haves in a candidate. I

s shared religious views, shared hobbies, and extracurricular activities enough for you to base your vote? What are we as voters deciding to base our votes on this year?

The media is having a veritable field day with gaffes and fodder, but there is little to no accountability for substance. I have visited both candidates’ websites intensively and have chosen education, health care reform, and the protection and reverence for our senior community as paramount issues that must be addressed to my satisfaction in order to receive my vote.

I am concerned for those individuals that are only receiving their information form media sources and push polls. So as a voter what issues are you using to determine which candidate receives your vote? Let me reiterate this is not a post as to why you are NOT voting for someone but a post regarding why a candidate is receiving you vote.

What issues are most important to you and how does your candidate measure up. Please be truthful and factual your answers may sway someone who is still undecided in ’08.

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