Mr. McCain goes to Washington, seeks to delay debate

Just a few thougths

Does John McCain really think that what they need on Capitol Hill to solve the economic crisis is to throw the two most political figures in America into the mix?

Does McCain think that we don’t see that getting both campaigns to ‘suspend’ their ads for a couple of days is more advantageous to the person with less money and who’s now 9 points down in the polls?

Does John McCain really think that America would rather see he and Senator Obama sit down with Barney Frank and President than debate an the University of Mississippi?

Did Senator McCain know that it’s his party that is holding up the show on the bailout, one that should eventually fall somewhere between $100-$300 billion? If he wants the bailout to move forward, he may want to start with Texas Republicans in the House.

Finally, why didn’t John McCain “call on Senator Obama to suspend his campaign” while he had him on the phone?  If he was so interested in bipartisanship, why didn’t he negotiate mano y mano with his counterpart while he had him on the line?

Hey Senator McCain….see you in Oxford on Friday.

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